Soft Materials Research Laboratory (SMRL)

The Soft Materials Research Laboratory (SMRL) directed by Prof. Pei in the UCLA Department of Materials Science and Engineering performs R&D on synthetic polymers and composites for advanced electronic, mechanical, and photonic devices. Current major research subjects include: Stretchable Electronics that develops transparent composite conductors, flexible and stretchable polymer electronic devices; Artificial Muscles that investigates dielectric elastomers and bistable electroactive polymers exhibiting electrically-induced strains greater than 50%; Nanocomposites combining high-Z nanoparticles with conjugated luminescent polymers for radiation scintillation; and Dielectric Materials with high thermal conductivity or for flexible electrocaloric cooling. SMRL occupies 2500 sq. ft. laboratory space divided into three separate rooms for organic/polymer synthesis, materials characterization and electronic device fabrication, and materials processing and electromechanical device fabrication, respectively.

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