Gao, M.,* Wu, H.,* Plamthottam, R., Xie, Z., Liu, Y., Hu, J., Wu, S., Wu, L., He, X. and Pei, Q., Skin temperature-triggered, debonding-on-demand sticker for a self-powered mechanosensitive communication system. Matter. 4, 1-13 (2021).

In the field of skin-attachable electronics, debonding-on-demand(DoD) adhesives triggered by mild, efficient, and accessible stimulican facilitate repeated usage with negligible damage to the skin.Here, a simple and versatile method has been developed to fabri-cate biocompatible bonding/debonding bistable adhesive poly-mers (BAPs) with skin temperature-triggered conformal adhesionand room temperature-triggered easy detaching. Its potential appli-cation in a mechanosensitive communication system is alsoexplored. The BAPs are designed by incorporating stearyl acrylate(SA) and tetradecyl acrylate (TA) into a chemically crosslinked elas-tomer, where a semicrystalline-to-amorphous transition between26Cand32C results in high adhesive flowability and large energydissipation. An optically transparent and mechanically compliant de-bonding-on-demand triboelectric nanogenerator (DoD-TENG) isfabricated using the BAP as the DoD substrate, a polydimethylsilox-ane elastomer as the electrification layer, and an ion-conductiveelastomer as the electrode. Furthermore, the DoD-TENG can serveas a human-machine interface for a self-powered drone navigationsystem.